Shadows Theater Troupe
Puppets Troupe

Cie Suchart Subsin Nang Talung - Thaïland
Cie Wat Kanon Nang Yai Troupe - Thaïland
Cie Pak Yusoff - Wayang Kulit Siam - Malaisia
Cie A . Selvaraja - Tami l- Nadu - India
Cie Tol PavaKoothu - Ramachandra et Viwanatha Pulavar - Kerala - India
Cie Nang Sbek Thom - Cambodia
Cie Nimmalakunta - Andhra pradesh - India
Cie Sri Ramanjaneya Togalu Gombey Mela - Karnataka - India

House of Peace Association - Cie Chen Kong of Siem Reap


Cie Putthali Kalaranga - Karnataka - India
Cie Natana Kairali - Pavakathakali - Kerala - India
Cie Parshuram Gangavane - Kalasutri Bahuliya - Maharashtra - India
Cie Sri Ganesha Yakshagana Gombeyata Mandali- Karnataka - India
Cie Sri Sakti Yakshagana Mandali - Karnataka - India
Cie Bhuvaneshwari - Karnataka - India
Cie Joe Louis Theater - Hun Lakorn Lek - Thaïland
Cie Chakrabhand Posayakrit - Hun Krabok - Thaïland
The Thang Long Water puppets Theatre of Hanoi
Cie Wat Xieng Thong - Ipok - Luang Prabang - Laos
Cie No Phao - Ipok
- Luang Prabang - Laos

I m passionate about Asian culture in all its forms. Lighting director in the performing arts, musician and traveler at heart, I discovered the world of puppetry through to my profession and my travels over Asia. My passion and curiosity for these countries, peoples, art take me to Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia, to the meeting the last great traditional Asian puppeteers and also to meet myself. I would like to thank all these wonderful people, kind and genuine and that allowed me to immerse myself in the art puppetry of Asia. They remain forever in my heart.
This website is for them