Structures Research
L'Ombre Chinoise Association

"The art of the japanese puppet theater"

Donald Keene
1964 USA

Marionnettes sur eau du Vietnam

Tran van khe
1984 Paris

Water Surface Human Soul

Chu Luong
2009 Hanoi - Fine Arts Publishing House
Vietnamese Water Puppetry
Pham Hoang Hai
VNA Publishing House

The viceregal puppets

Chakrabhand Posayakrit
1997 Bangkok


Thai puppets and Khon Masks        
Nattrapatra Chandavis
1998 Bangkok
Shadows of life 
« Nang Talung Thai popular shadow theater »

Sven Broman
1996 Bangkok
The ramakien and Thai Classic Dance
2003 Asia Books
The Story of Ramakian
From the mural paintings along the galleries of the temple of the Emerald Buddha
2005 Sangdad Publising
Joe Louis Theater
The Hun Lakon Lek
1999 Bangkok

Reference Books


Marionnettes et ombres d'Asie
Louvres des antiquaires
1986 Paris

Ramayana in the arts of Asia
Garrett Kam
2000 Singapour

Theatres d'orient
Aubert / Ducor /Watts
1997 Italie

L'art des marionnettes
Bil Baird
1962 New york

Asian Theatre Puppets
From the collection of Paul Lin

Robin Ruizendaal and Wang Hanshun
2009 Thames and Hudson

Illusion of life Burmese theater  
Ma Thanegi 
1994 Bangkok

Burmese puppets
Noel Singer
1992 Singapour

Gansu minjian muou Yishu
Marionnettes chinoises
2001 Chine

Marionnettes et ombres chinoises
Le theatre de " Ches Cabotans d'Amiens "
2000 France

Le roi singe et autres mythes
"Marionnettes, ombres et acteurs du théâtre chinois"

2004 France

Inde, quand les dieux se donnent en spectacle
Kwok on
1997 France

Leather Puppetry in Karnataka
M.S.Nanjunda Rao
2000 India

Inside the drama house

Stuart Blackburn
1996 England

Tolu Bommalata
The Shadow Puppet Theatre
of Andhra Pradesh

M.Nagabhushana Sarma
1985 Delhi Press


Tolpava Koothu
Shadow Puppets of Kerala

2006 India

Master Puppeteer Kogga Devanna Kamath

Bhaskar Kogga Kamath
2004 Memorial Yakshagana Gombeyatta

Putul Yatra
National Festival of Puppet Theatre 17-28 March 2003
2003 Sangeet Natak Akademi

Puppetry and lesser known dance traditions of Kerala

1990 India

Shadows theater in Java
« The puppets, performance and repertoire »

Alit Djajasoebrata
1999 Singapour

Wayang golek
« The entrancing world of classical west javanese puppet theater »

Peter Buurman
1991 Oxford

Voices of the puppet masters
"The wayang golek theater
of Indonesia"

Mimi Herbert
2002 hawai

Leather gods and wooden heroes
« Java classical wayang »

David Irvin
1996 Singapour